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I'll never look at dirt bikes the same way again..

On October 12th, 1974, I attended my first motocross race, the Trans AMA at Unadilla NY ...

My passion for motocross would go through highs and lows over the next two and a half decades. Shortly after attending a vintage motocross race in 1999, Joe Abbate's Cycle Therapy was created in a little garage in Paramus NJ.

“Joe and Bob”

Between 2001 and 2007, I enjoyed racing and restoring vintage motocross bikes and began showing my work throughout the Northeast including having bikes on display at Rockefeller Center, Javits Convention Center and numerous local events. By 2009, the friendships I made along the way lead me to move California, the heart of American motocross where I continued restoring bikes, eventually opening up a 3000 square foot facility in Brentwood.